Monday, May 30, 2011

Do I lost my silliness?

I have a facebook note series.. I call it "Silly Me". I wrote about all actual silly situations happened. Everyone who knows me, love the notes, I love them more as I get to know myself better. Yes, I do silly things, so what?

Some friends asked me to update the series.... but I found it difficult... my life is getting serious recently and I don't do silly things again. Really??

Well, I never plan to do some silly stuffs.. I am not a jackass. It just happened. Normal! I believe everyone did some silly stuffs too, sometimes they just don't want to admit it.

OK, I guess I should stop living a serious life and have more fun...... Wait a second, something wrong here... I have fun life recently.... so much fun!!

Hmm now I know, It's wrong formula!! I think I should make it the other way around. I should stop having so much fun and live more serious, then silly things happen!

That's right! :D

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