Thursday, September 8, 2011

Unplanned Life

at the new placement...

I don't know how to explain the journey of my life.. I do make plans (dreams) and I don't follow all the plans. I can say that this journey base on the chances.. I know it's a "bad" life management.

So far I don't want to complain of things... I do disappoint sometimes for I can't fulfill my dreams just because i kept changing my plans, but the bigger plan is to live the life, to do more for others and if the chance brought me to something different.. so be it!

Now, I am in Mae Sot -instead of being somewhere in Africa-, a small town in the border of Thailand and Burma(Myanmar) working as campaign and advocacy adviser, a field that new for me. Helping this small NGO fighting for their rights to live and to love their own motherland. I can't imagine if I am one of them... living in fear of loving their own land. I feel ashamed for they are my brothers and sisters, we are in the same region, ASEAN region, we share the land, we share the look, we share the history, we share the culture and religion and they need more helps from the people surround them. At least I am here with them now, sharing the laugh and the tears... convince them that we still have hopes and they are not alone.

The chance that brought me here is the chance that comes with a higher priority.

So I am doing good things still, I am helping people still, I am sharing my chances still.. so the bigger plan is never change.. still.

If I have to change my plans and the chance of life make me stay [here].. so be it!

God, give me your mercy!

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