Thursday, May 26, 2011

a Boy from Burma

I met this boy... name is not important, as everyone from Burma who works outside their country, they require to have more than 1 name.

He was 8 years old when his house burnt by the military. It was a war... He still remember the image of him in his mother's back running away from the battlefield to the forest, he remember the voice of cry of his older sister.

He is a victim of a war he don't understand.

He told me that he had to live in the jungle for years "I live like Tarzan!" everything was different but he is still grateful that all his family members are still alive, not like the other family who lost, at least one member of the family.

He joined the army, just because he wanted to fight for his people. I asked whether he joined the army because he want to make a revenge, He said "No need a revenge, they're suffered already by what they did. I believe in Karma". He joined the army because he had to do something.

He is now just a regular man with an extraordinary background of life. He knows what he is doing now and he tries to build up his dreams. He said he made so many mistakes and he is trying to fix it (amazing, that I hear it from a 23 years old young man).

He is my best friend now. Not because It's cool to be friended to someone who can tell you a different story of life, but It's because I need someone to tap my head hard and lower my pride and being more grateful of what I am now.

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