Thursday, April 21, 2011

My cup of tea

I thought I sacrifice enough... but this world wants more...

I need something to hold on to, and God is the nearest and the easiest grabbed!

I lost some of my energy for useless things, need to collect myself and come back to the right track!

I laugh more and cry less... that's not a balance!!

I am not trying to make a better world here, I am just trying to make my world better.

When you can't even explain your existence, why now we are busy asking the existence of God??

My gout is gone but the pain inside my feet is still there... that's my alarm.

Do I need a wife? No! I just need a family!

Some of my smiles hide my feeling, but I think I still want to do it.

I don't really need a mirror, I am happy with my look.

I am old and I am not complaining about it.

I don't need coffee to make me stay awake, all I need is a homesick and thirsty of my best friend's love!

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