Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chameleon Who Owns the Dragon

In the laundry room.
a Thai man next to me : ซักรีดให้คุณมากเกินไป
me [confused] : Kho tot, mai khon Thai, Khrab, mai puud pasa Thai (sorry I am not Thai, I don't speak Thai language)
the man : O.. where are you from?
me : Indonesia
the man : ooo Indonesia.. Bali! I like Pacman! [while doing a boxing move]
me : Oo Pacman is from the Philippine!
the man : Yes, Pacman!! Indonesia good [doing a boxing move again]
me : Chai chai (yes, yes) [whatever]

In the office event.
an American man next to me : So what is your ethnicity?
me : I am sorry, I am from Indonesia.
the man : oo sorry, but you look like a Burmese
me : Yes, you are not the first one who think that! [well.. we are Asian people looks like Asian anyway]

In the club.
an English guy : Where are you come from, man?
me : Ooo I am from Indonesia!
the guy : Ooo Mabuhay my friend!
me : Mabuhay! [whatever]

Somewhere in the market.
a friend (who knows me more than 2 months already) : Freddy, you are from Malaysia, right?
me : NO! I am from Indonesia!
the friend : oo yaa.. why I always think that you are from Malaysia? that's weird.
me : so weird!

I am not complaining about those events... annoyed me but it's so alright! :) apparently Indonesia is not really a famous country and I am all good with that! No big deal.

I fell more like a chameleon now... as I can melt and be physically 'local', especially among Thai or Burmese community. But I am still Indonesian inside out, I am proud to say that I come from a country which has the only dragons (Komodo) in the world!

Yeah, now I feel like a chameleon who owns the dragons!! if you know what I mean... :)

How sweet thou art!